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Seeing the famous sites is a must but it’s those memories of wandering through a little village or sharing dinner with a local family that leave a lasting impression.

At Peregrine we take the time to help you discover a destination’s story.

Go beyond the highlights

Of course we want you to see the Taj Mahal. But imagine then heading to an out-of-the-way village in Rajasthan learning about rural life with locals and tasting fresh home-cooked Indian cuisine.

Our small group tours take you beyond the tourist must-sees and delve into the heart of a destination guided by the knowledge of a born and bred local.

Less to think about more to write home about

Our prices include all major expenses so you only need to budget for additional meals optional activities and personal purchases.

The price of your trip covers

Melbourne a highly experienced Peregrine tour leader
Melbourne sightseeing and entrance fees
Melbourne airport arrival transfers included for most trips (as indicated)
Melbourne all transport and accommodation
many meals (as indicated)
Melbourne gratuities for services received as part of your tour package
Melbourne additional specialist guides and porters where needed
Melbourne 24 hour local emergency support.

Are you a Peregrine traveller?

Lighter footprints

You’ll never travel with more than 16 other people so there’s plenty of time to soak up the sights sounds smells and tastes in every country town and village. Fundamental to our philosophy is the belief that tourism should benefit the places it touches.

Small groups naturally lend themselves to more respectful and meaningful travel: the environmental impact per person is smaller we can stay and eat at smaller locally run places and our tours use our local operators providing employment for local leaders guides and porters. All our trips are carbon neutral and each year we help support a variety of community and conservation projects around the world through our partnership with The Intrepid Foundation.

Our passionate local leaders

Our leaders are the world’s best – their knowledge humour and experience are the real highlights for our travellers. Twenty years ago Peregrine became the first travel company of its kind to exclusively employ local leaders.

Instead of importing ‘tour managers’ we led the way by finding and training educated passionate and naturally curious people who were born and raised in the places they would lead. Our local leaders unlock a unique side to their region that large coach tours and independent travellers could never hope to see.

Comfortable accommodation

Consider Peregrine as the softer side of adventure travel. We’ve minimised the occasional discomforts smoothed down the bumps and rough edges but have kept the spirit of discovery intact.

We choose our accommodation based on its character convenience and comfort. Where we can we prefer to use smaller hotels that reflect a region’s style rather than larger global chains. A central location private bathroom facilities and air-conditioning are all part of our selection criteria. When we venture into more remote areas like Central Asia or the Sahara we often stay as guests of local people.

Although this style of accommodation may mean you have to sacrifice a few creature comforts the trade-off is a truly unforgettable experience. Should a trip visit homestays or well-equipped campsites this will be clearly highlighted in the trip notes.

How we move around (transport and travel pace)

No matter what transport we take we like to take it slow. We’re not about rushing from highlight to highlight: our itineraries are deliberately paced to reduce long travel times and give you a relaxed experience at each stop along the way.

At Peregrine we’re all about the journey. If you have to get from A to B we’d like you to do it with as much comfort and character as possible. The vast majority of your transport will be wholly private and is usually modern air-conditioned minibuses with great safety features. This gives you a smoother ride and more flexibility on when and where we travel.

If the route is a short one we may mix things up with a quick trip on a first class public bus. In certain countries like China or Egypt we take overnight sleeper trains to help cover more ground (these always come with proper beds and private cabins). In Africa you may come across some bumpier roads though our specialist safari vehicles will get you safely to where the action is.

Where we can we also like to dabble in unusual transport especially if it helps you get a feel for the rhythms of local life. This might be a tuk-tuk ride in Sri Lanka a jaunt on a Japanese bullet train or a houseboat voyage on the rivers of Kerala. These probably won’t be your primary means of getting from A to B but they make the journey in between a whole lot more fun.

Travelling on your own?
Every year we take thousands of solo travellers around the world. All our trips are twin-share (ladies share with ladies gents with gents) so for the vast majority of trips there is no additional single supplement to pay. Of course if you’d prefer to have your own room (at a little extra cost) we can arrange this on most trips. Just ask our friendly sales team when you book.

Level of fitness

Although our trips are set at a leisurely pace some are a little more active than others. Obviously a tour focused on walking or cycling will require a decent level of fitness but there are other physical factors to consider before you book your trip.

Europe for example has more stairs to navigate than other destinations particularly in museums and hotels. In Asia during certain times of the year the humidity and heat can make even a short walk a lot more challenging. You may also be faced with some uneven ground especially around ruin sites or when we venture off the beaten track. It’s important to read the trip notes carefully and research widely to make sure a trip is right for you. Should you have any questions our specialist travel experts are available here.