Essendon Airport

Transport to and from Essendon Airport is by private car, hire car, public transport (train and bus) or taxi.

Details can be found here.

* No shuttle bus services.

By Car Melbourne to Essendon Airport

Essendon Airport is located just off the Tullamarine Freeway. If you are driving from Melbourne’s Central Business District the airport is easy to find and is only 10 kilometers. Take the following steps:

From Melbourne, take either the West Gate Freeway (West Bound), Flemington Road (North Bound) or Spencer Street (North Bound) until you reach the City Link Freeway.
Turn right onto the City Link Freeway and continue along the Tullamarine Freeway.
Go past the turn offs to Bell Street and Bulla Road.
Stay in the left hand lane and follow the Tullarmarine Freeway (Do not take the Calder Freeway exit).
Take the left exit to Essendon Airport and Matthews Avenue.
At the traffic lights turn right onto English Street and follow the signs to the Passenger Terminal.

By Car Essendon Airport to Melbourne

Essendon Airport is only 10 kilometers from Melbourne’s Central Business District. Take the following steps:

From Essendon Airport, take English Street and turn left onto the Tullamarine Freeway (South Bound).
Continue along the freeway past the Bulla Road and Bell Street Exits.
Take the left exit to either Flemington Road, Dynon Road, Footscray Road or the West Gate Freeway to access the Central Business District.


There is sufficient car parking space outside the passenger terminal, HOWEVER, THIS IS NOT SECURE PARKING. Any vehicles parked at the airport are at the driver’s own risk. Please note : There are some areas that are time-restricted, which need to be adhered to.

Public Transport

If you are travelling to Essendon Airport by public transport, both buses and trams
stop on Matthews Avenue. Cross the Tullamarine Freeway bridge into English Street until you reach the passenger terminal in Hargrave Avenue.
For timetables and route maps, go to

Taxi Services

Taxis regularly service the Terminal precinct, and can provide easy access to and from Melbourne Airport and the CBD.